July 18, 2022

Airship and Toggle's Summer Freeze

Airship and Toggle's Summer Freeze

The heat may be rising… but our prices won’t

Our sector is facing a new set of challenges,  even after a hard couple of years. Undoubtedly, the strain on the sector isn't going to vanish anytime soon - but in the meantime, we have a little something to help alleviate at least one of your pains: 

Our commercials have always been based on fairness. We understand that our customers need support. We know that as marketers, they are constantly pulled around their businesses (whether large or small) to do a whole host of different tasks as part of their day-to-day roles, which is why we offer hands-on, unlimited support for both of our platforms. 

We also understand that now more than ever, businesses need to know what things will cost. Unlike other platforms, we charge a fixed fee per location per month, no matter the revenue generated via Toggle or the amount of data stored or emails broadcast on Airship. 

Everything is pointing to autumn for when things will really bite for consumers, when basically we have to start heating our homes  So here's how we are helping in the meantime:

How We Are Helping

  1. Finances

We have three various ways we can help you finically this summer

a) New to Airship? pay nothing until the 1st October 

b) We’ve frozen our prices until 30th September - so the heat might go up, but our prices certainly won't.

c) If you come aboard, we’ll fix our prices for as long as you like.

If you are an existing customer and wish to renew your agreements with us, the same deal stands. You can renew now, fix your costs and pay nothing more until October. 

  1. Our Platforms

Now’s the time to get digitally ready for the autumn. We’ve already done the heavy lifting by integrating with all your tech partners, so that your data can work for you from day one. 

We are also continuously developing our platforms to work alongside your growth - so get in touch with our team, if theres anything you need!

  1. Expertise

Our business is 100% hospitality; our founders both have a background in hospitality, our CEO is an ex-pub landlord, many of our team also have experience in hospitality and finally,  we support around 500 operators and over 100 partners, across over 5000+ locations. Quite simply, we love hospitality!

Book a demo with us here to find out why for yourself & freeze your prices: Request an Airship Demo or Book a Toggle Demo. 

P.S  Fancy helping a friend cool down this summer? If you introduce us to another operator who might benefit from Airship or Toggle, you both get a £100 Toggle voucher to any operator of your choice, as soon as they sign up!