January 6, 2022

Airship and Toggle win 2 Awards at Sheffield Business Awards

Airship and Toggle win 2 Awards at Sheffield Business Awards

We have been nominated for the Innovator Award at the Sheffield Business Awards! 🏆

Born in Sheffield in October 2018, Toggle began with a mission to demystify and simplify everything involved with gift cards for hospitality. Since then we have developed with innovation at the forefront of our platform, are now working with the best brands in the UK, and have processed£32,000,000+ worth of seamless sales.

When COVID came, we supported the hospitality sector by giving our platforms (Airship and Toggle) away for 90 days! Toggle became a critical income-generating tool for hundreds of hospitality businesses in the UK that relied on gift cards to stay afloat whilst venues were shut. 50 Sheffield restaurants, pubs, hotels and independent cafes and bars were included within this - using gift cards and pay it forward initiatives! For example, a local pub, The Devonshire Arms, sold over £30,000 of gift cards through Toggle, in a single week, allowing them to survive a time of uncertainty.

We diversified from gift cards, and began enabling our Togglers to sell: pretty much whatever they like. This began with Franco Manca selling their branded t-shirts, to Temper selling a ‘bottomless red-wine’ experience. We now fulfil physical cards and pre-packaged hampers for our Togglers: from designing them, right through to delivering them.

For this, we want to thank our Togglers and partners, for pushing us and continuing to make our platform better and more innovative. This award is simply us riding on the back of your genius. So here’s to you!