Ace Father's Day sales with these practical ideas

October 3, 2020

This year has rewritten everything, but it does mean we now have the opportunity to look at things we do every year in a fresh way. Father's Day is not far away, and with our recent feature releases, we've put together a couple of ideas that'll help you fly with sales on Toggle.

Read how to ace Father's Day below.

Father's Day gift card + Limited Availability + Special Offer



Create a new gift card and title it as a Father's Day gift.

To do this, go to Products and click on Add new. Then select Gift Card and stick in the details as normal. 

You can create a custom email to go with it too with some relevant Father's Day wording.

Make it limited availability. 

On that same page, there's an option to limit the availability. Set it to something that'll make customers want to jump on the deal while they can. 

Find out more about limited availability here.

Add a special offer promotion.

The special offer promotion allows you to display what the promotional offer is on the webshop page itself with a nifty green flash. 

Learn how to do this here.


(Father's Day gift card + Limited Availability + Special Offer) + Bundle

Sticking to the above idea, you can also bundle your special offer, limited availability Father's Day gift card with something else. 

Why not throw in an exclusive experience in there as well (maybe an afternoon tea for two)? Or pair it with a Pay It Forward (like a donation to a charity geared towards fathers)? Perhaps a tangible gift like food or drink delivery, or some merchandise you've created using the Retail Product feature? 

Remember to push the Father's Day gifts to the top of your webshop page to give them maximum exposure.