Bums on Seats

Founded by Amber Staynings in January 2019 Bums on Seats boast an impressive client portfolio spanning corporate enterprises as well as smaller independents, and (crucially) a flexible pricing model. They are a team of 14 highly skilled and talented hospitality sales consultants based in both London and Manchester but working across the UK.  

Bums on Seats have 4 key pillars, which aim to Identify & Analyse, Upskill, Develop and Deliver those all-important pre-booked sales.  All 4 of Bum’s Pillars are dependent on one another. Although they exist and work independently, they also operate as a working cycle to give maximum, long term profitability. 

The 4 Pillars of Bums on Seats: 

1. Strategic Sales Audits 
Our audits enable us to identify and analyse the areas of your business operation with the greatest opportunity for sales growth. 
2. Sales Training 
The MI.I.R.A.C.L.E Sale is a comprehensive, industry leading workshop designed for entry level sales; marketing executives an on-site operations team. The workshop is also endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality. 
3. Sales Plans  
We can develop a sales plan that is specific and targeted to your business’ needs that drives profitable pre booked sales. 
4. Consultancy 
Our amazing consultants range from sales manager to sales director level and can be places within your business to drive sales and deliver those all-important bums on seats!