Q&A Time

October 3, 2020

Woah woah, one at a time please. Hands up. Yes gift cards are incredibly cool and we know you'll have questions, but let's get to them in some order. Let's start with you Sir, yes you, the finance guy.


How do I take payment for gift cards and experiences?

Toggle integrates with Stripe, and worldwide payment provider. You just link your Stripe account with Toggle and all online purchases will just drop into your account. On top of that, if we integrate with your EPOS, you just process it as a gift card like any other transaction at the till.

How do I reconcile a gift at my POS?

If we integrate with your EPOS, use the gift card function within your system to process the redemption of a gift. If we don’t, use Toggle’s POS Mode in your tablet or laptop to redeem any value of the gift on Toggle’s system, and then make sure you take off the same amount on the transaction at the till. Toggle’s POS Mode has easy reporting that shows you how much has been redeemed, by site, between any given time and date range so you can make sure things match up on your till.

How do I deal with my balance and liability reporting?

Gift cards can get complicated for balancing your books, but Toggle has a built in snapshot report that shows a daily outstanding balance; account wide.

Operations & IT

How do I get it working with my till?

We integrate with some great EPOS providers. If you’re with one of them, speak to them and will turn on our link with them for your account. If you’re not, you can redeem through the Toggle POS Mode. If you’ve got a till provider you’d love us to integrate with, let us know.

I’ve not got an EPOS, how do I deal with gift cards?

Just use our Toggle POS Mode. This gives a user friendly interface for redeeming gift cards in the fast pace environment at the counter. Just make sure you reduce the transaction amount by what you have redeemed on Toggle POS Mode.

How do I sell gift cards and experiences online?

Through your Toggle webshop. You link link to it from your website or anywhere you like. They’ll be able to go on there and buy gifts and experiences like they would anything else online.

How do I sell gift cards and experiences in venue?

If we’re integrated with your EPOS system, just ring through a gift card transaction like you would anything else. If it’s a physical card, you’ll have to swipe the card to associate that value with it

Do I need to get hold of physical gift cards?

You don’t have to sell physical cards at all if you don’t want the extra work of fulfilling those orders. Toggle allows you to switch that option off and go completely digital. If you do want to sell physical gift cards, we’ll provide you with a list of unique codes that will be sent off to a company that prints the cards.

I’m already selling gift cards with someone else, can I switch over?

For sure, we’ve got a service called Toggle Switch. Let us know that you want to switch over to us, and we’ll begin the process. It’s pretty quick and painless don’t worry!

Customer Service & Order Management

Do I have to send out physical gift cards myself in the post?

If you choose to sell physical gift cards, you can get a company to handle all the fulfilment for you, or you can choose to do it yourself. You can also choose to turn on or off the ability for people to add a personal message in a physical gift card - something to think about if you’re fulfilling it yourself!

Can I use gift cards for customer service issues?

For sure - great idea. You can issue gift cards free of charge as rewards, incentives or dare we say it, apologies!

If a customer has a question about their gift card, how do I help them?

Using Toggle’s dashboard, you can easily search for orders and cards using names, number, dates - loads of stuff! Recipients also have the opportunity to register themselves to a card which means they’ll never lose their number (and therefore card balance) and you know who they are).

Sales & Marketing

Can we send marketing emails to people who have bought gift cards?

Unlock the possibilities that comes from the ability to issue free of charge (FOC) cards. These are often used as raffle donations, as revisit incentive following feedback or a staff or customer reward.

Will my gift shop be on brand?

Yup, our shops allow you to customise colours, fonts, images, text, background etc. The design works wonderfully well on desktop and, importantly, is a dream on mobile.

If you've got a question that isn't covered here, or even if it is and you want to chat through it some more, just get in contact with us and we'd love to talk.