It’s not too late - 6 quick tips to drive Black Friday sales this year

November 12, 2020

With the hospitality industry buckling under the weight of Covid-19 restrictions, it has never been more critical for restaurants, bars, pubs and other venues to diversify their revenue streams and sell online directly to customers whilst the doors are closed. 

New research has revealed that 85% of Brits plan to spend online and shun the high street during the discount shopping bonanza on Friday 27 November. Half of respondents have said that they will shop exclusively online for Christmas this year. And there’s no reason why hospitality businesses shouldn’t be enjoying a slice of this pie. 

Here are some quick stats for online sales during last year’s Black Friday:

  • Sales were up 900% 
  • The typical discount was 20%
  • Midday was the busiest purchase time
  • But there was also a spike at 8pm

And there’s every possibility that online sales will be even greater this year - with more people hunting online for a deal than ever before.

How you can prepare for a digital-first Black Friday

1. Go hard early. 

Competition will be fierce, so go hard early and let your customers know to expect offers in the lead up to Black Friday. The Devonshire Arms, a family-run local village pub in Derbyshire, has generated £12,000 over just three days with a gift card offer this week. You could also use social media and segment your email list to test the market and see which offers most engage with customers and drive the most revenue.

2. What’s your gift range?

It’s good to have a range of gifts available and to think of your gift cards as individual products in a store (you know how people like to browse). So have a think about what you can sell alongside a standard gift card. Experiences are perfect as they allow you to be more creative with your marketing. Read how to create an experience.

3. Think beyond gift cards.

A dinner for two including a bottle of wine or a cocktail masterclass sometimes goes down better than a gift card - it’s more tangible as an experience which can be shared. You also get a perception of increased value which can lift the average transaction value. 

4. Give something back.

It’s been a tough year for everyone. Pay it Forward and Bundles gives you the flexibility to generate revenue for a charity or local cause as part of the sale. Read how to do a Pay it Forward Bundle.

5. From your kitchen to theirs.

Why not package up your brand into individual retail products - think ready-made cocktails, cooking sauces and prints - and make these available as limited-edition on your website for Black Friday? What’s not to love!

6. Look to the corporate market.

Let’s face it, Christmas bookings are going to be a bit thin on the ground this year. Why not do an experience that four or six people could share and market to businesses as a Black Friday deal, so that workplace teams can still celebrate together but in a social distanced way. Alternatively, you could create a promo code specifically for a business which gives them a discount on a batch of gift cards up to a certain value.

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